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FitActiv8or offers results-driven digital marketing services to fitness businesses. In an increasingly competitive industry, it is important that your business keeps its online presence at the top of its game. To achieve success, FitActiv8or will allow paid, owned, earned, and social media to work together to develop an integrated and effective digital marketing strategy. The content marketed will capture the compelling values that your business brings to the industry through converged media, which is critical when building or maintaining a brand.


Emily Brak

Owner & Founder

My passion for the fitness industry was sparked at a young age as a pre-professional ballet student. I found that incorporating different types of workouts into my ballet training to be advantageous, allowing me to win scholarships, awards, and perform in professional roles at a young age. Since I stopped dancing, I became a fitness fanatic and earned an American Council on Exercise Personal Training Certification. With these experiences, I find it very easy to connect to the target audiences of fitness businesses.  

I have also proven to be very successful in my digital marketing strategies. I am the Digital Content Manager for a holdings company that owns multiple fitness brands, where I execute a comprehensive social strategy across all social platforms while deriving actionable insights gathered from data analytics. I was also a sales and marketing specialist for a venture capitalist. In this role, I developed three successful marketing plans from the planning phase through implementation for 3 startup companies in the portfolio. One of the startups was a hedge fund where I was the Director of Investor Relations. I developed a robust marketing strategy that tripled assets under management for the fund in 6 months. In all of my positions, I have increased sales, engaged and grown audiences, increased conversions from online viewers to customers, provided powerful insights from data gathered, and optimized marketing operations to drive efficiencies for the companies. Before graduating from the University of Pittsburgh, I was a Data Analytics Intern, Statistics Tutor, Legal Intern, and award winning writer. I am an entrepreneurially-minded self-starter, who loves to take on new projects. I am a difference maker and I'm confident that I can provide great value to fitness businesses using my experience along with my effective and results-driven digital marketing strategies.